Cadenza Collective

With a signature blend of jazz, afro-funk and Nepali folk music, Cadenza Collective plays music that’s irresistible for your ears and your booty. Led by the drummer and composer Navin Chettri, the group boasts a hard-driving performance style and has amassed six albums of original music—including the award-winning and critically acclaimed Back to the Roots, and the recent Himalayan Songlines, which was nominated in five categories at Nepal’s prestigious Hits FM Music Awards. In addition to pumping up the improvised music scene in Nepal, Cadenza has played across the world and collaborated with a stellar list of both Western and traditional Nepali musicians. 



Navin Chettri – lead vocals/ drums/percussion 
Pravin Chettri – alto saxophone/vocals 
Rajat Rai – guitar/vocals 
Samir Chettri – bass/vocals