About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of the Kathmandu Jazz Festival, popularly known as “Jazzmandu,” is to bring quality jazz to Nepal, transcend cultural boundaries, and spread the message of peace and compassion through music. The annual festival that began in 2002 was founded by Chhedup Bomzan of The Jazz Upstairs Bar, and Navin Chettri, drummer and vocalist of Cadenza. The Kathmandu Jazz Festival has successfully promoted jazz in Nepal and brought world-class musicians to audiences in Kathmandu. It enriches lives, promotes creativity, encourages the sharing of international sounds and ideas, pushes the limits and boundaries of musical expectations and nurtures the talents of Nepali musicians. Jazzmandu strives to make the music accessible to as many people as possible by actively including free shows, educational school programs and workshops.

Jazzmandu for Cultural Interaction
Cultural interaction among people of different nations can take many forms, and the Kathmandu Jazz Festival is one exceptional and unique way to bring together the diverse talents and energies of musicians. In the past, we have hosted musicians from United States of America, Brazil, Canada, Holland, England, Cuba, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Norway, Germany, Australia, Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India, to name a few. The cultural interaction has a boundless impact and influence on everyone involved: musicians, volunteers, fans, students, audiences, and the country as a whole.

Jazzmandu for Promoting Tourism in Nepal
The Kathmandu Jazz Festival has become an annual attraction for tourists who would like to include an international music festival as a part of their experience in the Himalayas. The festival exposes people to the warmth and hospitality of the Nepali people, the cultural and religious treasures, and the awe-inspiring natural beauty. All this combined with a world class music festival that promotes not only the country’s traditional music, but sounds from around the world performed at some of the most fascinating locations around Kathmandu.

Jazzmandu for Music Education
Every year, the festival organizes free educational music programs, workshops and clinics for the public and for school students around Kathmandu. We invite students from different schools and social organizations in Kathmandu to experience live and interactive performances by some of the world’s top musicians. This is a great opportunity for Nepali students to see artists from different parts of the world—an opportunity most of them would otherwise never experience. The Jazzmandu Workshops and Master classes are unique and exclusive opportunity for music students & jazz enthusiasts to interact with visiting musicians, share their experience and stories and learn different vocal and instrumental tips and techniques.