The destruction of Earth, the committal of a friend to a psychiatric hospital, the death of her unknown neighbour from heroin use—Yumi weaves into her music stories about society that matter, no matter how large or small, how bright or dark they are. Her sound—an amalgam of jazz, art-pop, electronica, free improvisation and neo-classical music—might seem tricky but really isn’t: the musician, composer, producer and arranger navigates a clear stylistic path of her own making, always telling a story along the way. Based in Basel, with Japanese and Polish roots, Yumi performs regularly all over the world and has shared the stage with artists such as Al Jarreau, Becca Stevens, Nils Petter Molvaer and Mark Turner. She is supported by the High-Priority Jazz Promotion program from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.


Yumi Ito – vocals, compositions
Kuba Dworak – bass
Iago Fernandez – drums

Kuba Dworak – Bass
Iago Fernandez – Drums