Under the Surface(Netherlands)

Joost Lijbaart – drums / percussion
Sanne Rambags – singing / lyrics
Bram Stadhouders – guitar / electronics

Under the Surface is an extraordinary combination of three generations of Dutch musicians seeking communion in improvisation. Sanne Rambag’s voice rhymes, whispers and sings over the melodic lines of Bram Stadhouders’ guitar and the subtle percussion style of Joost Lijbaart, transporting listeners into an almost dreamlike new reality. Their music offers both intellectual and emotional pleasure, springing from unshackled improvisation yet far from abstract, adopting surprising forms akin to thoughtful composition. Their eponymous debut album, released to great acclaim in 2017, was nominated for the Edison, an annual Dutch award for outstanding musical achievement. The group’s live album Trinity, from 2019, captures the essence of a sound they have shared with audiences at major festivals across Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East.


Website: https://triounderthesurface.com/