Nick Aggs & Cadenza Collective (Australia/Nepal)


Navin Chettri – Drums, percussion and vocals
Nick Aggs – Saxophone
Rajat Rai – Guitar
Samir Chettri – Bass

The Cadenza Collective is joined by the Australian saxophonist and composer Nick Aggs. Hailing from Brisbane, and a key member of the acclaimed Australian fusion band Afro Dizzi Act, Aggs has fronted numerous musical ensembles and performed around the world, collaborating with esteemed musicians such as percussionist Trilok Gurtu, guitarist Jesse Van Ruller, kora virtuoso Jali Buba Kuyateh and many others. Aggs is presently based in Singapore, where he heads a jazz program at the Australian International School and leads his ensemble Space Direct.



Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Nick Aggs, a gifted saxophonist and composer, has gained widespread acclaim for his musical prowess. His impressive discography and captivating live performances have taken him to stages at festivals around the world. In addition to fronting his own musical ensembles, Nick has had the privilege of collaborating with esteemed musicians such as the Indian percussion maestro Trilok Gurtu, legendary guitarist Jesse Van Ruller, Senegambian Kora virtuoso Jali Buba Kuyateh, Nepal’s premier jazz outfit Cadenza, and China’s JZ Allstar Big Band.

Nick’s innovative musical vision played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of the Australian fusion band Afro Dizzi Act, resulting in a series of critically acclaimed albums and memorable performances at some of Australia’s most prestigious music festivals. Presently based in Singapore, Nick serves as the director of a jazz program at the Australian International School and continues to lead his own ensemble, Space Direct.

Nick’s musical journey began with the acquisition of a Bachelor of Music degree from the Queensland Conservatorium. In his hometown of Brisbane, he is revered as a musical icon, celebrated for pioneering a unique sonic identity that seamlessly blends diverse musical genres. This fusion creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages musicians to explore improvisation while keeping the audience engaged in joyous and danceable celebrations, making his performances a staple at various festivals.

Nick’s contributions to the music scene have not gone unnoticed; he has received numerous awards and grants for his exceptional work. He has also been immortalized on canvas through “Face the Music,” a collaborative project with some of Brisbane’s