Julia Sarr

Julia Sarr is one of the most original vocal artists to emerge from West Africa. A mezzo soprano, she honed her reputation as an A-list backing vocalist for luminaries such as Youssou Ndour, Salif Keita, Marcus Miller, Francis Cabrel, Oumou Sangaré, Alpha Blondy and Lokua Kanza, as well as the legendary Miriam Makeba on her album Homeland, on which she also contributed as a songwriter for the track ‘Lindelani’.

After growing through all this beautiful experimentation, Julia Sarr released an acclaimed solo album, Daraludul Yow, which has been described as a vision of the “piano in the savanna”. Her sensitive and personal melodies remain inspired by her roots in the traditions of the Wolof people. With grace and delicacy, she makes music where jazz meets Africa, which offers a new tone full of freedom and poetry. Her songs present themselves as veiled treasures: ‘Yoni Malaaka’ speaks of the mission of the angels, ‘Daraludul Yow’ offers a woman’s view on polygamy, ‘Walagaan’ describes an unexpected rainy season, ‘Manko’ celebrates the historical heroes of Senegal.


Sarr often evokes a nostalgia for Senegal, where she grew up. She says she listened to “all sorts of music, from salsa to soul music, from griots to gospel, and even the music of Bollywood.” Throughout her music, there is a warm engagement with her audiences which speaks of her generous stagecraft, and shows a modest exultation in her femininity.

Julia Sarr – Vocals
Fred Soul – Keyboard
Bruno Schorp – Bass
Julie Saury – Drums


Julie Saury grew up surrounded by music and musicians such as Barney Bigard or Tony Scott, friends of her father Maxim Saury,famous clarinet player in France. As a child she studied the piano and followed her father in all the jazz festivals such as Nice and Antibes where she could listen to the most talented American jazz musicians. .. As a teen-ager, she began playing drums and started studying with her fathers’ drummer . She continued her studies singing with Stéphanie Crawford and Sarah Lazarus at the IACP and at the same time was the drummer for the school’s big band. .. In 1994, she studied a full year course at the University of Nancy with Frank Aghulon and André Charlier. .. She had also the opportunity to study in New York at the“Drummer’s Collective” working with Kim Plainfield , Adrian Santos ,Ian Froman. .. .. Also a latin percussionist, she became a member of a group called Rumbanana with wich she performed daily a télévision  show for four years,and joined many other salsa and jazz Latin bands.She also plays in funk bands such as Daniel Romeos’ .. A pillar of Philippe Milanta’s trio and Laurent Mignards’ Duke Orchestra, she features in many line ups such as Teddy Edwards, Spanky Wilson, Sarah Lazarus, Benny Green, Red Holloway, Louis Smith, Turk Mauro, Johnny Griffin,Pee Wee Elis or Warren Vaché and Harry Allen in festivals such as Bayonne,Marciac ,Vienne, Ascona ,Jazzmandu in Nepal or in different New York jazz clubs. .. .. Currently the drummer for Rhoda Scott since 2004 with the Lady Quartet Project.She has been working with the talented Carine Bonnefoy, Deborah Tanguys’ quartet,Sebastien Llado quartet,Tricia Evy,Denny Illet,Julien Brunetaud,Nicole Rochelle,Yaité Ramos,Rafael Paseiro,Philippe Baden Powell,Felipe Cabrera,Lilian Bouté, Aurore Voilqué,Myra Maud,Antiloops,Anne Ducros,Sophie Alour,Sylvia Howard,Sebastien Giniaux.

Her first project ” The Hiding Place” has been released in September 2015 in trio with Carine Bonnefoy and Felipe Cabrera.

This year she is working on a tribute about his father.

“For Maxim A jazz love Story “is going to be release in December 2016.


Bruno Schorp
 classical studies at the Conservatory of Nancy, he began Jazz music in C.M.C.N of Nancy (with Diego Imbert,Franck Agulhon) then at the CNR of Metz.
He later joined the CNSM in Paris and worked on improvisation with Riccardo Del Fra, Dré Pallemaertz, Glenn Ferris and Daniel Humair.
At the same time he settled in Paris and played in clubs and festivals.
Its activity of bass player led him to work with Aldo Romano, Jean-Pierre Como, Laurent de Wilde, Mokhtar Samba, Eric Seva,Nelson Veras,Aruan Ortiz, Anne Paceo,Karl Jannuska, Alain Jean-Marie,Khalil Chahine,Matthieu Chazarenc,Christophe Panzani,Vincent Peirani, Pierre Perchaud,Rémi Vignolo,Yochk’o Seffer ,Brice Wassy, ​​Stéphane Guillaume, Alex Tassel and many others.
In 2011 his first album “Eveil”  is rewarded at the Tremplin National de la Défense with a 1st Composition Prize and a 3rd soloist Price
In 2017 he presents a new album titled “Into the World” on Shedmusic Label.


Fred Soul
French composer, pianist and percussion player, Fred Soul grew up in France in a family of musicians and artists. At the age of five, he began playing in concerts with his father. Torn between different cultures and musical instruments, European classical music for the piano and traditional oriental music for percussion, his compositions and improvisations are a bridge linking the past and the present, the West and the East.

Fred Soul played with : 

Jasser Haj Youssef,  Sekouba Bambino,  Vincent Peirani,  Ousman Danedjo,  Nguyên Lê,  Sabrina Romero , Olivier Ker Ourio,  Julia Sarr,  Chris Jenning,  Raul Paz,  Munir Hossn,  Stéphane Guillaume,  Samira Brahmia,  Stéphane Edouard,  Mayra Andrade,  Anthony Jambon,  Mamané Thiam,  Stéphane Chausse,  Serena Fisseau, Osei Tutu,  Eric Séva,  Youn Sun Nah,  François Salque,  Ralph Lavital,  Lulendo,  Simone Prattico,  Manu Dibango,  Bruno Schorp,   Zé Luis Nascimento,  Sam Tshabalala,  Hao Nhiên,  Christophe Panzani,  Gérald Toto,  Marc Berthoumieux,  Boy Gé Mendes,  Bako,  Papa Wemba,  l’Orchestre National Montpellier,  Marc Buronfosse,  Aziz Sahmaoui,  Joce Mienniel,  Jean-Philippe Rykiel,  Moriba Koïta,  Jack Djeyim,  Jean-Marc Robin,  Sunu Yoon, Lucien Zerrad,   Alune Wade, François Verly,  Arnaud Dolmen,  Tipari,  Olivier Calmel,  Natascha Rogers,  Séjalan,  Stéphane Kerecki,  Dominique Fillon,  Denis Tchangou,  Adriano Tenorio DD.