Cynthia Abraham


Cynthia AbrahamVocals/Percussion
Born into a family of musicians, Cynthia started out studying classical flute and piano but quickly discovered her passion for singing jazz. Having broadened her repertoire to include everything from gospel and soul to Latin, Brazilian and Caribbean music, and still in her mid-twenties, today she stands as one of the most exciting talents on the European jazz scene. In 2018, she won first prize in the Unisa International Jazz Voice Competition in South Africa. While performing prolifically alongside numerous prominent artists and ensembles, Cythia has also ventured into composition. “Petites voix,” her debut album of original compositions, was released in 2015.


Bruno Schorp – Bass

After classical studies at the Conservatory of Nancy, he began Jazz music in C.M.C.N of Nancy (with Diego Imbert,Franck Agulhon) then at the CNR of Metz.
He later joined the CNSM in Paris and worked on improvisation with Riccardo Del Fra, Dré Pallemaertz, Glenn Ferris and Daniel Humair.
At the same time he settled in Paris and played in clubs and festivals.
Its activity of bass player led him to work with Aldo Romano, Jean-Pierre Como, Laurent de Wilde, Mokhtar Samba, Eric Séva,Nelson Veras,Aruan Ortiz, Anne Paceo,Karl Jannuska, Alain Jean-Marie,Khalil Chahine,Matthieu Chazarenc,Christophe Panzani,Vincent Peirani, Pierre Perchaud,Rémi Vignolo,Yochk’o Seffer ,Brice Wassy, Stéphane Guillaume, Alex Tassel and many others.
In 2011 his first album “Eveil”  is rewarded at the Tremplin National de la Défense with a 1st Composition Prize and a 3rd soloist Price
In 2017 he presents a new album titled “Into the World” on Shedmusic Label.


Matthis Pascaud – Guitar

Matthis Pascaud is a 28 year-old guitarist from the French town of Angoulême. At the age of 17 he went to study jazz at the Conservatoire in Bordeaux, before joining the Didier Lockwood Music Centre, from which he graduated in 2012. Three years later he began his own musical project, Square One, with a first EP released in 2018. In June that same year, the band went on to win the first prize at the La Défense jazz festival in Paris. Matthis also works as an artistic director with the Haitian singer Moonlight Benjamin, and collaborates with a variety of artists such as Anne Paceo, Hugh Coltman and Pierre Perchaud.