Artists 2016

Filtron M “NepaMali”


Julia Sarr


Palouse Jazz Project

Samuel Wootton “Toy Story”



Teerapoj Plitakul Trio


Cadenza Collective

One of the most unique and eclectic bands from Kathmandu, Nepal, Cadenza Collective led by drummer Navin Chettri seamlessly blends Jazz, Afro-funk, and Nepali folk into an irresistible sound for your ears and booty. From their humble beginnings in 1998, Cadenza was one of the first bands to experiment with jazz in the Kathmandu Valley, […]

Rabin Lal Shrestha

Tabla player Rabin Lal Shrestha is renowned as one of Nepal’s leading figures in classical music and as one of the nation’s greatest performers, recording artists and educators.He has recorded numerous albums and has many musical awards under his belt. Mr. Shrestha worked as a music teacher in the Royal Palace and for over two […]

Kanta Dab Dab


The Gandharvas are representatives of a long Nepali tradition of travelling folk musicians, who roam the villages bringing music and entertainment. They will bring a medley of Nepali folk songs to the stage, accompanied by sarangi and traditional Nepali percussions. The band is led by Sanu Kancha Gandharva, and works to keep Gandharva music and […]