Ange Takats


Australian artist Ange Takats has a voice that is able to coat with sugar, crush with sadness and cut through to the soul of a song. Her most recent album ‘Arva’ blends the sounds of 30s jazz with 60s folk. With three-part vocal harmonies, lush string arrangements and ragtime jazz instrumentation, the 11-track album is a departure from Ange’s folkie roots.

‘Arva’ has received high praise from critics – as well as extensive Australian and international airplay. It follows her debut album ‘Aniseed Tea’ (2009) and the publication of her travel memoir ‘The Buffalo Funeral – Soundbites from a Songbird in Siam’ (2011) which traces her unusual journey from foreign correspondent to folk singer in Thailand.

Ange currently lives in northern Laos where she works as a volunteer. She’s in the process of finalising songs for her third album, which will include tracks about her emotional experience of last year’s earthquake in Nepal.


“Ange’s soulful voice evokes the joy of the Andrews Sisters one minute and the melancholia of Billie Holiday the next” – Music Without Boundaries, San Diego

“This is an album replete with subtle instrumentation, that beguiling voice, and melodies that seem to swim. She transports the listener to a different time musically and lyrically, in search of the innocent love of bygone days” – The Daily

“Takats has a bell-peal voice that has the DNA of Judy Collins’s tonal purity and Joni Mitchell’s emotionality. She is able to distil emotion into exact words and chiming melody” – The Australian

“Fans of Norah Jones and Eva Cassidy take note, Ange Takats has returned with her sophomore album Arva … light 30′s vocal jazz and Americana folk are blended with melt away breezy success. Incredibly beautiful!” – Eastside Radio

“One of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in a long time…she’s Regina Spektor meets Natalie Merchant” – The Baub Show, UBN Radio, Los Angeles

“Her syrupy voice, poignant lyrics, tinges of humour and nostalgia, great string arrangements and nicely layered vocal harmonies combine to make the 11-track Arva a musical journey worth travelling” – The Road Ahead Magazine

“Takats has some interesting stories to tell but the hook is that soulful voice she tells them with. There’s real grit and passion there” – Courier Mail